Our young dynamic team is passionate about technology and building great long-term companies. We work closely with our portfolio companies to achieve strategic advantages in business development, growth and fundraising. Our LPs include major global corporations and high-level executives from some of the largest technology and media companies. We tap into our team’s network of relationships to provide investor introductions, corporate access, senior level board advisory, executive hiring, client/advertiser introductions, marketing support and strategic partnerships.

Relationships are key. We look to work along side people we like and find interesting, and of course want to work with us and actually like us! Relationships are never a one-way street and we understand that and put that at the top of our list of criteria. It’s a long and arduous road otherwise.

We need to feel there are distinct synergies in our investments with straight talking, transparent and competent entrepreneurial teams. There are no grey areas in this respect.


With a wealth of experience and knowledge Freddie’s contribution to the Vivid team has undoubtedly helped to take us to the next level by drawing on his experience in helping companies to scale up. With the addition of Rosemont Group’s resources and network we are another step closer to achieving our goals.

— Omer Khan

Founder & CEO, Vivid Technologies (Pakistani-based start-up)

One of the biggest difficulties that founders have is finding investors that understand and truly believe in the vision and not just the potential for return on investment. We were fortunate to find that in Rosemont Group and its CEO Freddie Achom. His advisory and objective outlook has made this moment possible.

— Justin Golshir

Founder, JusGo (acquired by TuneCore)

We’re really happy to have the expert backing and support of Freddie Achom and Rosemont Group. His support and belief in our vision is second to none and this only gives us the confidence to go out there, disrupt the market and succeed.

— Dan Hubert

Founder & CEO, AppyParking (voted the UK’s no. 1 parking app)


Children are our future — Through the Rosemont Group Foundation we work with the next generation of future leaders and budding entrepreneurs, helping to inspire and cultivate ambition.


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